Is suitable for the traffic accident happens、The tunnel、Bridges、Urban expressway、The main traffic abnormal events、The accident detection,And can collect a variety of traffic parameters,Road traffic condition for operating managers,Transportation safety control and the induced traffic information such as real-time data。
Applicable to vehicles disorderly parking violations black spot and lane highway emergency monitoring,And can collect a variety of traffic parameters,Effectively improving the capacity of road traffic intelligent monitoring and comprehensive management level。
Applicable to urban intersections。Road traffic condition for operating managers,Real-time data such as traffic induced information,Effectively improve road traffic intelligent management and comprehensive management level。
Suitable for the passenger vehicle personnel's face、Clothes have clear requirements of city road、Highway intelligent transportation projects, etc。
Adopt multiplexDSPIntegration of high-definition cameras+Host management mode,With intelligent integration of high-definition cameras,Captured image details clearly,It can realize a video camera for multiple lanes of intelligence analysis and detection。