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Introduction to the system
     Seals the net inquires the system is seal subsystem of the public security management information system on the Internet,Through the seal of public security management information system of seal enter the server after delivery,According to the requirements of the ministry of public security and the national unified network management of the ministry of public security,And will be publicly with the seal of information sharing on the Internet in the municipal public security bureau“Seal the net inquires the system”,For the field、The mainland investment in weinan、To do business、Negotiate business customers cooperation unit seal is in the public security organ for the record、Whether to enable the new network code stamp、Whether to have legal effect such as credit inquiry。

Various functional departments、The social from all walks of life、Enterprises and institutions such as seal information query through the system at any time,Have not in the public security organ for the record the net to seal users can monitor。


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